23 December 2009


Before people start to panic, get a grip. Look at the bigger picture. I predict there will be NO attack on Gaza, not now anyway. Perhaps once the joint Egyptian/US/Israel wall is finished in 18 months when Gaza exists within an enclosed fish barrel for the Zionists to bomb at will, then I'd start to panic. Even Israel is not stupid enough to attack them again right now, when Israel is already being hounded with arrest warrants under international law worldwide. And the Goldstone report is not done filtering through the UN process that will eventually see it fail due to US pressure. But this "leaflet" drop right now is being done to accomplish two things, in my humble opinion. Firstly to terrorize the Gazan Civilian population on the Anniversary of the Gaza Holocaust. A cruel thing, but then Israel is the master of cruelty. And Secondly just ask yourself what is happening today with regards to Gaza. Why there are two large groups of people, destined to arrive at Rafah very shortly. The Code Pink Marchers, who were recently denied entry in advance. And then there is the Viva Palestina Convoy arriving. Egypt cannot be "blamed" for keeping the border closed if so called "Security" reasons are cited. This is all a plan hatched by Egypt/US/Israel to close the border at a time when people from around the world want to visit and protest against Israel on the Anniversary of the Genocide. And THAT is what this is all about, and excuse to keep the border closed AND an opportunity to continue to terrorize Gaza civilians and children by the evil rogue state. Today's report below:
link Israel has threatened another massive war against the Gaza Strip as the impoverished enclave continues to suffer in the aftermath of the devastating January offensive.

Israeli planes have been dropping thousands of leaflets across Gaza, warning Palestinians against cooperating with the resistance fighters based in the coastal sliver.

The leaflets also threaten Gazans with a new attack just ahead of the first anniversary of Israel's 22-day onslaught against the Palestinian territory.