23 December 2009


A special "Christmas Comedy" message to all you Christian Zionists from your “pals.” I dont think the relationship is quite what you think it is. A lovely "comedy" site exists online where your Saviour, Jesus Christ is vilified and made fun of, Zionist style. Here’s one tiny excerpt:
Jesus is an evil, anti-Semitic coward. God's diabolical prodigal son. He spends all of his spare time killing Jews and punching babies. The swastika was later used by Jesus as Hitler and is now known as a symbol of hatred toward Jews. Jesus started an extensive campaign of anti-Semitic propaganda that led to Jews being the most hated, discrimminated against group of people on the planet.

After Jesus was crucifed, he laid low for a while. He was patient and bided his time until he decided that he must come back to Earth to piss in the face of Jews. And so nobody would be suspicious, he re-incarnated himself as Adolf Hitler, an unlikely villain, and proceeded to kill over 6 million Jews out of revenge and spite. That bastard.
Read it all HERE
Welcome to Zionist comedy, hope you like it!

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linda said...

Please don't get me started on Christian Zionists!!!!! I have one who lives next door...bad enough, but you should here the comical story of how she saw a video of a Christian book store owner in Gaza who was kidnapped and murdered and then "they" went after his family. Punchline: the family were so terrified they had to leave Gaza! thats right, packed their belongings and left, just like that.

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