08 January 2010


Two things. Firstly on the facebook page of Yousef Al-Helou, who is the reporter stationed inside Gaza, he said this:
Updates from Gaza: George Galloway is stuck in Rafah crossing, he is not allowed to leave Gaza, some say he is being maltreated now
And also I was sent this (thanks) link, it's in Arabic,so you have to use google to translate the link, but it says that Egypt plans to arrest 7 convoy members when they leave Gaza and enter Egypt. NOW THIS JUST OUT:
link MP Galloway deported from Egypt
(UKPA) – 18 minutes ago

MP George Galloway has been deported from Cairo despite wanting to return to Gaza to help members of a humanitarian convoy who have reportedly been arrested, a spokeswoman for the convoy said.

Plain clothes police officers bundled the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow on to a plane bound for London, said a spokeswoman for the Viva Palestina convoy.

"Mr Galloway had been trying to return to Rafah after news broke that seven of the convoy members are said to have been arrested," she said.