08 January 2010


Israel leaves a small tip on the table that once was Gaza; whilst preparing to destroy what’s left of it in order to hand the carcass over to Abbas.

Stuff about Hezbollah, the US government does not want you to know. Holocaust Survivor, Hedy Epstein, a wonderful Jew who Israel wishes would just go away, tells why she supports Palestine.

First the Gaza Freedom Marchers, then the viva Palestina Convoy, and now more attacks in Egypt. They’re on a roll.

And continuing on the Egypt theme, Abbas sides with Egypt against Turkey, no surprise there folks. Any friend to Gaza is an enemy to Abbas.

And in New Zealand the BDS campaign and protest against Israeli tennis player continues.

And, the UDA finally decides to decommission it’s weapons. Except these

And, sticking with Ireland:

“shooting a bird” becomes illegal, good.


ESFBN said...

Egyptian police intends 2 arrest 7 of #VivaPalestina members http://bit.ly/6cEwmK @Irish4palestine would you please warn our friends in #Gaza

Irish4Palestine said...

ok, got it, thanks will pass it on:)

nolocontendere said...

I'm a gun owner and hunter, Irish, but I'm glad all wildfowl shooting has been banned. This is a massively brutal winter and the wildlife don't need to be harassed. I'm feeding thousands of birds a day where I am.
Don't know if you've seen this satellite shot, but this is your area of the globe.

Irish4Palestine said...

@nolo, agree with you there:) People who hunt to eat what they shoot is one thing I am not against. Thanks for the link:) going to look at it now, if it's a current picture, it should all be white LOL Ireland has morphed into the arctic LOL

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