04 January 2010


Not much to tell this morning, the boat has arrived in Al Arish and reports claim the cargo has cleared customs and security. We will see if this is so when the members arrive later this evening. The planes are to start flying convoy members over at 4PM today, their time. That is around 1PM Irish time. So we expect some sort of update upon the arrival of the team to Al Arish later today. We wish them all the BEST of luck in delivering the much needed ambulances and medical supplies and medicine they are carrying. How many ambulances were destroyed by Israel in their genocide last December. So this convoys cargo will help to replenish those which were destroyed by Israel. On the convoy; My immediate concern is that Egypt will possibly begin to reduce the amount of convoy members allowed into Gaza once they all arrive i Al Arish, this could be the next hurdle they face. e.g. The negotiations on how many can go in with the aid. I hope all goes swiftly as time is of the essence now. In the meantime here are some great comments from some important people regarding the convoy:
Stuart Littlewood

“I pledge that the UK will remain in the forefront of the humanitarian effort,” says Mr Brown. No, Viva Palestina are at the forefront while Brown and the other loafers twiddle their thumbs.

Noam Chomsky:
Dear Convoy: a message from Noam Chomsky!

Despite the media blackout, which is a disgrace, this is turning out to be a really spectacular triumph, I think, and it’s hard to express properly my admiration and respect for those who are directly engaged.

It has to be a shot in the arm for the people in Gaza, and might stir up some opposition to the dictatorship in Egypt, which is exposing its brutality daily — to everyone except the US media (hope it’s better elsewhere). And I think a lot of people are going to come back home really invigorated.

Good luck in what lies ahead.
As the majority of us sit in our comfy homes around the world and type on our blogs; We should all be supportive of these regular folk just like us who saved money and asked for donations from strangers in order to sacrifice their own personal lives and time, being away from family over both Christmas and New Year, driving for almost 30 days, sleeping in all sorts of places, not having a decent meal or rest, all because they care about Gaza.

More updates when we get them today