04 January 2010


JJ Crockett January 4 at 11:17am Reply
Hello folks, cautious excitement is the mood here, we're ready to explode upon entry to gaza but we are aware through lots of experience that things can change rapidly. But for now, things are looking great, and we are nearing the successful completion of a great journey that we hope will contribute to ending the siege of Gaza. And what an achievement that will be for all the people who took any part in this campaign.

Firstly, the cargo ferry had arrived at Al-Arish earlier this morning and all the vehicles had passed through the customs successfully, without any change being made to the aid within the vehicles. Brilliant!! Never expected this and more importantly it suggests the Egyptians want us in and out asap without delay. So the vehicles are now waiting for us to pick them up at the port of Al-Arish, which as i have said before is only 25 kms from GAZA!!!

Secondly, the transfer of all 450 passengers will be carried out by 4 different runs by the same plane. The first one will begin at 4pm, followed by 8pm, 12pm and then finally 4am. The Derry team are on the 8pm flight. We do not know what to expect upon arrival in al-arish but the management and diplomats have been spread throughout the flights to encounter possible challenges. If all goes well, all 450 people with vehicles will be in Al-Arish by around 8am tomorrow morning. What happens then, i do not know at this point.

I will be sure to update u of anything happens in the next 24-36 hours which are critical. I expect the flights to arrive without a problem, then once in Egypt the challenge will start. I will keep u updated for sure. Heading back now to pack bags for 8pm flights. The 5 of us are in good form here and thanks a lot once again. Almost there!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff---- our hearts are with you

just a thought-----
security at manchester airport wouldn't let me board a plane with a Guardian newspaper
does that mean the press is silent and deadly?
keep safe

Marcella said...

Thanks so much for the update, I am crossing my fingers for all of you. Well done!

Saladin said...

Well finaly some good news!!!!
GOD bless all those people who are on the road to gaza!!!!

Saladin said...

Fayyad concedes PA tortured Hamas detainees:

No shit fayyad!This is something nobody didnt know,thank you for your information moron!


Irish4Palestine said...

thanks for the good wishes everyone, the 5 boys will be thankful for your support!!

we are going to break that siege!!

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