08 January 2010


In update #4 we reported that Galloway AND Ron McKay were marched into a van and taken directly to the airport, placed on a flight to London. Since then, I’ve had a series of texts over the last few hours or so from the boys still st Rafah. A picture is emerging. I was told a few hours ago they were starting to go through the crossing at Rafah. But each hour another text saying they were still “crossing” over. That the progress was very slow. They said they’d be staying in a hotel in Egypt tonight and flying out tomorrow morning on the flights they booked. That was their plan and most likely the plans for everyone else on the convoy. But Egypt had other plans for them.

The most recent text says they are NOT allowed to stay in a hotel in Egypt, but are being “escorted” to the airport, where they will have to sleep overnight, and remain until their plane comes tomorrow. This is literally in essence, almost the SAME treatment Galloway got. We also reported that mann news agency said Egypt had now placed all the names of everyone on the convoy onto a "blacklist" and would be banned from entering Egypt or travelling to Gaza through Egypt again. It appears to be they are ALL being deported as they are not allowed to stay in their hotels or go anywhere in Egypt and were “escorted” to the airport and forced to remain there until they board flights home in the coming days. Last few texts are below:
1. more stalling at Rafah crossing but getting through now. No panic will get flight tomorrow. Job Finished.( received 2 1/2 hours ago)

2. Still getting through. Slow process but getting there.(received 1 1/2 hours ago)

3. Got through customs ok. Escorted by bus straight to Airport. NO hanging around Egypt, suits us just fine! We will sleep at airport tonight. No more updates unless something changes.(Just recieved now)


realisticbird said...


OMG! Sheesh the saga never ends, that gov. is so damn petty it is unbelievable! <_< Glad everyone is in one piece.

Crístóir said...

Thanks for the updates, it was lovely to hear Irish voices from Gaza.

And we are still waiting for the Irish4Palestine t-shirts...

Saladin said...

Egypt: No more aid convoys through Rafah:


Saladin said...

Hamas: Soldier killed by Egyptian bullet, not Palestinian:


Also in this article Egyptian daily Al-Jumhouriya described Hamas a gang:

"We were surprised that the Gazan candidates turned into a gang that rules with metal and fire, benefiting from the smuggling of drugs, Viagra and food."

"If we leave the Gaza gang to continue out of control, they will bring Al-Qaeda to the Sinai,"

"We tell this Gaza gang that claims heroism, whose officials sleep in palaces in Damascus and eat the best food on earth, while leaving their people without food and shelter, that it is time to be questioned. History has never witnessed such a gang that imposes its opinion on a country."

So basicly its over,egypt has become the same enemy to gaza like zionist,gaza is now surounded by 2 enemies on booth sides,and regardles of my wishes,looks like gaza story is over,i realy dont see how hamas can coup with egypt on 1 side and zionist on the other side....

trev said...

mubarak and his cronies aren't
doing their country any favours ,
after egypts latest episode its become impossible for any one to refer to the blockade as an israeli blockade..

all Msm has began to refer to it as the egypt/israeli blockade and rightly so, let the ordinary egyptian know what is being done in their name by despot of a leader.

Saladin said...

Hello Irish.You didnt publish any articles in the last days,i hope that you are ok,and that all of your friends who went to gaza are ok and they are safely back to ireland.i gota say that i didnt sleep to much last night because i am woried are you and others ok.take care Irish,i hope you will come back online very soon.

50,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites to remain outside Jerusalem:


Demo at Egyptian embassy, as European MPs dismayed at Egyptian procrastination:


IOF soldiers kill two Palestinian civilians, demolish property in WB:


Regarding this last article this happened only in 1 day of course,this things happen every day.What do you think of my proposal that you put at the end of every week the statistic of what the zio arm is doing to palestine people,that will be good i think so the readers can see every week the brutality of the zionist.

see yaa:)

Saladin said...

Also that article about abbas takes the blame for goldstone report,i just want to say that that article has a very detail description how thing were going,so i think you must publish that so that the people can see for themselfs what realy went on.

take care.

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