10 January 2010

Viva Palestina Updates & More

Thanks to everyone who wished our guys well during their long viva Palestina convoy trip to Gaza. They arrived home to Ireland today and are recovering from the long trip, many stories to tell. We will be publishing a report of their trip shortly after they rest and gather their thoughts on paper. Also, The local Mayor is having a reception for them and we hope to cover that as well on the blog.

Additionally, We apologise for the minimal posting of blog entries Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday. We are currently dealing with some personal issues which should be resolved by Monday or Tuesday. So bear with us as we will have the report from the convoy coming up soon, AND with a Bit O' Irish Luck a "big" surprise for our readers next weekend as well! So stick around, it will be worth it if it all works out:)


PoliticalTheatrics said...

Bloody hell,I love surprises!
I can't wait to see what you have in store for us dearest.

Irish4Palestine said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!glad you are still in one piece after your Egypt vacation LOL:)

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