05 January 2010


Small amount of news to report. Still recovering from the last several hours of our boys being missing and under attack. That was an awful time! Especially when only their phones were found and not them!! So spoke to one of them again just now and they say 20 members were injured in the attack and there are some people for the convoy who are missing and cannot be found. For those following the convoy from Cork Ireland, just to let you know, I asked and your people on the convoy are all OK as well. Just thought you'd want to know that:) Up da Irish!! haven't heard about the Dungannon team, but I was told all the Irish are OK. Well done! More when we get it. What a night, had enough of this already let them in!!


Kev said...

I'm also hearing (via John H from Tyrone to Gaza and Cork to Gaza ppl) that all Irish are ok, injuries to Derry boys aside.


d from Turkey said...

Video of the night's events from Turkish news channel NTV

It's all in Turkish, but the footage speaks for itself.

Also, shorter video, again in Turkish.

Hoping for the best...

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