06 January 2010


Many thanks to “D from Turkey” who gave us these links to videos of the pre-meditated attack tonight shown on Turkish television. The first link is a longer version, the second is a shorter version. Both are in Turkish, but no words are needed to see what happened, this is a disgrace!

Long version

Short version

We spent almost 3 hours in a blind panic unable to locate our people, only their phones were found on the ground and answered by strangers. Some people are STILL missing. THIS is what it was like for us on this blog as it happened. God knows what tomorrow will bring after this attack. Hopefully the Egyptians have had enough fun and games and will now let them get on with their work of delivering the ambulances and aid to those who are in need of it.


Adam said...

Shame on the Egyptian Government, Shame on their paymasters Obama & Co, Shame on the British & European Lapdogs for supporting Obama. As for Netanyahu's regime, I won't put it in writing...

Now we must encourage EVERYONE we know to use the strongest force that the f***in politicians can't derail (YET-Europe is trying to bring in legislation to make boycotting a terrorist state illegal) BOYCOTT & if possible DIVESTMENT & SANCTIONS.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo) OPEN GAZA NOW, END THE BRUTAL OCCUPATION.

info for ACTION on www.ukfpi.org
contact info to protest by email & phone:

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW GUYS - I'm stayin up tonight in solidatity with you, makin phone calls to any Egyptian Embassy which is open!

Mohamed Eshra said...

Thanks for the updates!
Spreading the news as much as I can all over mysapce, facebook and Twitter
Get back home safe guys please!

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