12 January 2010


So let’s say you are the shareholders of a large multi billion “one of a kind” corporation. Let’s say that half the corporation was run by Man “A,” and the other half of the corporation was run by Man “H.”

Now, let’s say there is yet another large multi billion corporation that has had its eye on taking over your corporation for decades. It cannot be trusted

Now, over time, Man “A” thinks he can further the goals of the corporation by fraternising with the enemy, and doing monetary deals with the enemy that may help the corporation become richer, but at the same time allows the enemy to infiltrate the corporation and gain a foot hold in various parts of the corporation for possible future take over. The corporation appears on the outside to be its own entity, but when you look closer Man “A” has allowed the enemy to gain so much control that only the enemy can actually run the corporation and make decisions regarding the corporation. Man “A” is a figurehead only at this point. He has totally lost control of his half of the corporation and no longer is able to govern any important parts of the corporation, or even control the direction of the corporation for the future. The enemy has now positioned itself within the corporation and is sole decider. The shareholders have no say and their stock is now worthless.

On the other hand, Man “H” has protected the other half of the corporation for the shareholders. He has done no monetary deals of any kind with the enemy. He has not fraternised with the enemy in any way because he has seen the fatal errors done by Man “A” and recognises that he has a responsibility to best represent and protect the shareholders who entrusted him to protect the corporation at all costs. And he understands completely, that he and the shareholders must hold out for a better deal. His half of the corporation has remained fully intact, no infiltration and the corporation remains the sole custody of the shareholders. Man “H” and the shareholders he represents will hold their stock secure, until such time as when a better deal comes their way.

So, I guess you all have figured out I’m talking about the West Bank and Gaza. Man “A” is Abbas/Fatah and Man “H” is the elected government of Gaza, Hamas. Abbas has so very much, sold down the river, any sovereignty or self rule the West Bank ever had at its disposal. He has allowed a gradual take over of the West Bank to the point where he is nothing more than a figurehead with no power what so ever.

He has allowed the enemy to chip away at the West Bank and take more and more of it; the small parts that remain are all controlled by the enemy, not Abbas. And to illustrate the absurdity of this I want to point out an article I read today, which sent me down the road of this post.

We all know Ramallah is in the West Bank of “Palestine” and not in Israel. Yet the government of the West Bank have no say in even the smallest aspects of it's daily workings, like for instance a foreign worker, working inside Palestine's West Bank, supposedly under the control of Abbas. Just take a read of this story below and then ask yourself if Palestine was a corporation that YOU owned, which man would you want to represent you in dealing with the enemy attempting a hostile take over of your corporation:
link Israel Defense Forces soldiers and immigration police detained Eva Novakova, 28, in a raid on her home in Ramallah in the West Bank on early Monday, said the International Solidarity Movement, a pro-Palestinian group where she worked before her expulsion. The activist was expelled for "breaching the rules of her stay," the spokesman for the Czech Republic's Foreign Ministry, Milan Repka, said. He said that Novakova overstayed her visa.

Novakova's lawyer, Omer Shatz, called the Israeli action against his client politically-motivated "This arrest is part of the continued and illegal use of the immigration police against activists, for political purposes,"
You can't give Israel anything until it becomes serious about wanting REAL peace. And then proves it, by backing it up with actions. Starting with removing it's grubby thieving hands from all parts of Palestine and adhering to International Laws and UN resolutions leveled against it for many years. Not until then. Otherwise you end up like Abbas, a fake figurehead who wears nice shoes and expensive suits. The only "free" part of Palestine is inside Gaza.