11 January 2010


The idea of one’s “home” represents many things. Home can mean the country where you live, a place where you began and flourished. A place that belongs to you and you alone, a place where you are born into, or grew up in. A place where you feel comfort and safety from the world outside. A place where you can be yourself, a place where you can loose yourself in thought and quietness. A place with safe sturdy walls, and window to look out of. A place to seek refuge, a place to stay warm, a place to be proud of, a place to raise a family. A place that reflects who and what you are.

So, given that a home can be all of these important things on an emotional and security level. How would you feel if all of these things were stolen from you in a mere few seconds? Or what about generations of homelessness, of refugees, of having no belonging, no safety, no security, no sturdy walls, no windows, no doors, no warmth, no place to flourish……

Meet the people of Gaza who were made homeless by Israel: