16 January 2010


In letter to UN, Gaza children demand justice

Gaza – Marking the anniversary of Israel’s war on Gaza, hundreds of children gathered in Gaza City to sign a letter asking that the UN denounce as criminal the Israeli actions that lead to the death of their friends and loved ones.

The Thursday rally saw the children march from the center of Gaza City to the UN headquarters. Children headed up the march, followed by groups of women and police officers who were targeted by Israeli forces during the war. Members of the de facto government in Gaza took up the rear of the march in solidarity.

Marchers demanded justice for the death and destruction caused by the war, and children called on the UN to prosecute the pilots who dropped bombs on homes and public buildings.

Eleven-year-old Nour Radwan hand delivered a letter to a representative of the UN, appealing to its Secretary General to pressure the Israeli government to respect the rights of Palestinian children, and to ensure aid and medical equipment were allowed into the Strip.

Nour’s letter asked that the UN protect children “by all possible means,” to support them materially, psychologically and with the full weight of justice that they deserve.