17 January 2010

European Parliamentary Delegation Wraps Up Visit to Gaza


Saladin said...

Israeli opening of dam's floodgates floods Gaza villages!


Haneyya gov't asks for urgent assistance to deal with floods!


Saladin said...

New videotape on Israeli soldiers torturing and stealing human organs disclosed:


Aqsa Mosque sustains serious fissures in its walls:


Vatican memo: Occupation, conflict cause of Christian emigration:


Very interesting from morons from vatican to call this conflict,rather then ethnic clening of palestine people from the hands of nazi-satanic entity of israel.
Well done vatican,another slave of zios!

Saladin said...

Why didnt you write anything about the floods in gaza that are caused by israel,and what is an another atempt by zionist to comit mass murders against people of gaza?

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, i haven't written anything about the floods because I have JUST returned from being in Gaza for the last week, and will be working on getting posts written about my experience there.

Perhaps you should start a blog where you can post everything you like whenever you want? Sign up to blogger, it's easy to make your own blog

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