26 January 2010



Here is a small news roundup covering the Good and Great Democracies of America and England. (pun intended completely!) Want a first hand look at duplicity?

Since the Election in Palestine, which Bush touted as wholly “Democratic and Fair” the West has branded Hamas as “terrorists” and refused to recognise their electoral mandate. Hence, never mind who people vote for, if we don’t like whom you elect, we, along with Israel, will either destroy it with surgical strikes of Government buildings and kidnap and intern Government officials, strangle your country with an illegal siege, or inflict a genocide on the civilian population to punish them for voting. And this on a country that has never attacked America.

Now contrast the above with this insanity. Bush heads to Afghanistan after 9-11 to “smoke em outta their holes” to “hunt them down, dead or alive” to “Get Bin Laden and his supporters” and now here we are 8 years later and lo and behind the great military power of America cannot win the war. So, what does America do? Why begin negotiations with the Taliban (those would be the guys they’ve been fighting against for 8 years who work and support Bin Laden and Al Qaeda) and also offer to bring them into an Afghan government as their reward for helping Bin Laden and being part of Al Qaeda.

So, a country that supports, hides and works with Al Qaeda who DID attack America means the Americans will talk to them and allow them into government. And a country like Palestine, where no one attacked America, where no one sides with Al Qaeda, where the election was democratic, where the government wants to enter a peace process, America refuses to talk to them. Quotes from an interview with commander of US forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal:
link When asked if senior Taliban leaders might eventually become government leaders in Kabul, McChrystal said, "I think that anybody who dedicates themselves to the future and not the past, and anybody whose future is focused on the right kinds of things for Afghanistan might participate in government."
And UN special envoy to Afghanistan Kai Eide said this:
"If you want relevant results, then you have to talk to the relevant person in authority," Eide said, adding that he believes the time has come to do it.

The move to reconcile with Taliban after eight years of a bitter US-led conflict in the war-ravaged nation has been described as a defeat for Washington and the Afghan government.

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan to allegedly kill or capture al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and root out militancy in the country.
Signs that this "plan" will take place are beginning to emerge as now the UN agrees with the “plan” to integrate the Taliban into the Afghan government, whilst at the same time refusing to acknowledge the elected government of Gaza, who never bombed America:
The United Nations has joined some Western countries in laying the groundwork for bringing the Taliban into the Afghan government
And here’s another report which I find quite comical indeed. Again this one comes from that “Great” democracy that supposedly supports “Freedom of speech” in China, but NOT in America, is against censorship in China, but FOR censorship (of Arab news stations) in America, and guess who pushed this bill forward? AIPAC, surprise! Can’t have those Americans hearing anything other than officially approved Israeli media or FOX news:
link Clinton had cited China as among a number of countries where there has been “a spike in threats to the free flow of information” over the past year.

"Those who disrupt the free flow of information in our society or any other pose a threat to our economy, our government and our civil society."
Ooops shot self in own foot with that statement there Hillary....…more:

And turning to the Iraq war and complete cover-up of the real agenda, e’g’ regime change, which is illegal. Remember that nice scientist Dr. David Kelly who was giving Blair and Bush some trouble by telling the truth about all those “weapons of mass destruction” and such. He was a real pest, gaining some recognition and throwing a spanner into the works and plans of the two lying war mongers? Well, after countless officials and medical experts who demanded an inquiry into Kelly’s mysterious death, the results of that inquiry have now been banned from the public for the next 70 years. Can you say massive uber cover-up and Guilty as Hell of murder? Dr David Kelley COVER UP:
link The official heading an inquiry into the suspicious death of a British weapons inspector who cast doubts on the main argument for invading Iraq has secretly ordered all evidence locked up for 70 years.

Lord Hutton, who chaired the 2003 inquiry, which controversially concluded that Doctor David Kelly's death has been a suicide, secured a 70-year seal on all major evidence, including medical records — none of which had ever been made public.

The unprecedented move was revealed last week, sparking fresh uproar and allegations of a government cover-up — considering that by 2073 anyone with the least interest, or stake, in the case will probably be long dead.

Kelly was mysteriously found dead in the woods near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003, just days after his name was leaked as the source of a pre-war BBC documentary that undermined the now-notorious 45-minute dossier as highly exaggerated.

The clandestine restrictions came to light when a group of 13 doctors challenging the Hutton verdict received a letter from the Oxfordshire County Council in answer to their calls to see the postmortem file.

"It fits in with the subversion of due process we have seen for six years. It is extraordinary…I am shocked but not surprised by this," the Daily Mail quoted Dr. David Halpin, one of the group of 13 doctors, as saying on Saturday.

The revelations may prompt calls on the country's ongoing inquiry into the Iraq war, to question former British premier Tony Blair, who is to give evidence later this week, on the issue.

Blair penned a clinching introduction to the dossier, claiming spies had proved “beyond doubt” that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction that he could launch within 45-minutes.
How anyone can even remotely think for one minute that England and America stand for anything even closely resembling openness, democracy or justice is beyond me. America gives the entire Arab world a shining example of what a former Democracy looks like when taken over by Israel and neocons who have an agenda of making profitable wars for both of those countries, with the added bonus of taking control of the entire middle east.