19 January 2010


Gazan's understand what suffering is, what a humanitarian crisis is like. despite the fact that they have nothing, they still want to give. So they banded together to collect and donate in an effort to help Haiti's humanitarian crisis. I was informed of this but the link is in Arabic, so I used google translate to post it here. Secondly, writers on this blog have just returned from Gaza and we will be reporting on what we saw this week. But for now this:
Despite the disastrous economic conditions endured by the people of the Gaza Strip and all the difficult conditions imposed by the Israeli blockade, the University College of Applied Sciences make a call of duty to meet the humanitarian and involved in earthquake relief campaign Haiti, organized by the Popular Committee Against the Siege in collaboration with the Foundation promising of prisoners and editors.

For his part, Dr. Yahya Sarraj Dean of the University College of Science Alttabiiqp that University College was keen to participate in the earthquake relief campaign.

Earthquake in Haiti that has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions,Gaza can help even something little and simple, pointing out that these embody the modest participation of human solidarity between the people of the besieged Gaza and the people of Haiti devastated, and emphasizes the love of the people of Gaza all the peoples of the world, and added that the initiative, albeit modest, confirms that the Palestinian people, who suffered the horrors of the siege and the ongoing violations and abuses of the occupation is the tragedy and suffering being experienced by residents of Haiti and will always be a champion of human and peoples rights.

The popular committee against the blockade has announced the launch of campaign donations for earthquake victims of Haiti. Committee Chairman MK Jamal in a statement that the Palestinian people realize the magnitude of the tragedy that befell the people of Haiti, because the Palestinians for decades been subjected to unprecedented crimes of aggression and siege and closure.

He added: This initiative by the People's Committee and the Association of prisoners and promising to collect donations and come to express the feelings of human solidarity by the people of Gaza who have been subjected to death and destruction and displaced from their homes and lived in tents and have lost dear Otkhanthm surgeon.

He stressed that this initiative to move the world to stop the injustice of the people of Palestine and to stand by them until their freedom and their legitimate rights.
I'm sure this translation leaves a lot to be desired, but you get the drift. Given the "heart and soul" of the Palestinian people in Gaza, this call to help Haiti should come as no surprise. Another reason why we all love Palestine.


Saladin said...

Why the US Owes Haiti Billions


5 dancing shlomos said...

gazans should have sent whatever money they have to the cannibal state. there is no suffering as great as money going to someone else lacking any understanding of what real suffering is. only the cannibals know suffering. just read their many books on how they suffered, suffer, and will suffer.

seansmom said...


must watch!

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