21 January 2010


So George Mitchell visited the Evil Rogue State of Israel in another US groveling move to beg Israel to be nice and engage in a process that might lead to peace. Of course, Israel had other ideas as usual. They are not done stealing yet, not done ethnic cleansing Palestinians yet, not done turning East Jerusalem into a “Palestinian Free Zone” yet.

I’m beginning to think it is a bad idea for Mitchell to visit the Rogue State, every time he does, it only spurs the Zionists into further cementing their illegal claim to more Palestinian land as is evident in today’s report below:
Israel has agreed to upgrade to university status a college built in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, a move critics see as placing another obstacle in the path of U.S.-backed efforts to resume stalled peace talks.

The decision by Defense Minister Ehud Barak formalized a 2005 cabinet ruling to that effect but also coincided with the latest visit to the region by U.S. peace envoy George Mitchell for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

See what I mean? Mitchell=Land loss… Maybe he should just stay home until the US decides to actually get serious with Israel and show them no mercy regarding the settlement issue and more. Otherwise he is just costing Palestinians more pain and suffering. Not to mention creating a very large carbon footprint for nothing…..more:
A statement from Barak's office confirmed that on Wednesday he had "given his authorization for the Ariel College to become a university center"

The college of more than 8,000 students was built in the 1980s in one of the biggest Jewish settlements on land occupied since the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.

Barak's decision would help the college obtain academic credentials that would enable it to expand research and increase its student body to some 20,000 in the next decade, said Rinat Saguy, a spokeswoman for Ariel College.
So that’s 20,000 more land squatting illegal murdering Zionist settlers the West Bank can expect to see soon after this rubbish begins. But never mind, Israel has it all figured out:
Israel says it plans to keep the Ariel settlement under any peace deal that creates a Palestinians state. Even Palestinian leaders acknowledge such settlements could be annexed by Israel in return for a Palestinian state getting more land elsewhere. (this must be a reference to "Abbas the Acceptor" here)
See? I told you Israel has it all figured out. Their answer is to carve up historical Palestine and take all the areas it wants, then whatever is left over they might just give to Abbas so he can call it a “Palestinian State” with newly created borders by Israel no less!