10 January 2010


So, George Mitchell goes on television and impersonates Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” character, and tells Israel “Under American law, the United States can withhold support on loan guarantees to Israel." Never mind, Israel‘s not worried in the least. It’s money has been well spent throughout the US Congress and Senate. Defense Minister Ehud Barak tells U.S. Senators: I know your support for Israel will continue.

In a scene more reminiscent of Stephen King’s miniseries “The Stand” Where Trashcan Man keeps repeating the phrase “My life for you!” as he works carrying out the Devils will. In America we see Zionist US Senator Joe (I’m pretending to be Progressive and Democratic) Lieberman , and Repug Senator John (Bomb Iran and every other Muslim country) McCain, currently involved in a massive pissing contest, to see who can be the best Israeli lackey of all time. “My Life For You……….” Here's an interesting statistic, I was just reading where 100 people in America die per year from lightening strikes, where’s a good bolt when you need one….

Mitchell also said that Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations should take no longer than two years and could be finished sooner than that. Of course they can, within two years Israel will have stolen and ethnically cleansed all the Palestinian land it wants, eureka…….Instant Israeli Peace Deal.

And as usual, Israel blames the Palestinians for no “peace deal” From the Israeli perspective; if those pesky Pals would just send abbas back to trade away the rights of Palestinians for a “Swiss Cheese State” under Israeli control. Then there can be peace in the valley………………..and the mountains and desert.

Let’s talk Egypt, who continues it’s support for the US and Israeli Middle East plans for the destruction of the Gazan population, but some Egyptians are catching on, like Egyptian MP Talaat Sadat, a member of the Parliament Committee on Defense and National Security. Who has resigned his position and is none to happy with Pharaoh’s collusion against fellow Arabs by building the US/Egyptian “Wall of Shame and Death.”

And lastly an example of a Hero and a Zero

HERO:A good man, Sukhwinder Singh

Sukhwinder Singh, 31, was on his way home from a walk when he saw the men punching a woman in the face as she desperately tried to cling on to her handbag.He ran after them and caught up with one of the robbers who turned around and stabbed him in the chest and left his body lying in the snow where he died of his wounds.

ZERO: And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson:

DUP First Minister Peter Robinson’s job is on the line as the Democratic Unionist Party expels his 60 year old wife, also an Assembly Member, after she passed £50,000 to her teenage lover. Ooopsie! And, can I just say “Ewe!! To the 60 year old 19 year old thingie.” As usual the Irish sense of humor is kicking in already, multiple “DUP Iris” jokes emerging already:



Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Isn't Peter Robinson a Christian Zionist and ardent supporter of Israel?

Irish4Palestine said...

LOL yes he is, and so is she. Born again holier than thou. Which makes it all that funny. For years the DUP led by Ian Paisley used to say "Ulster Says No" meaing they'd never surrender to allowing Catholics to be equals, hence the play on words:)

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