28 January 2010


Speaking about the sacred “holocaust.” A Polish Bishop dared to call for equality with regards to suffering. He had the "audacity" to suggest that other ethnic and religious groups who have suffered, should also have their special memorial day as well.. Brave soul indeed, but he will pay for this, someone must always "pay."
link Senior Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek in which he allegedly claimed that Jews use the Holocaust as "a weapon of propaganda, to obtain benefits which are often unjustified".

While acknowledging that the majority of people who died in Nazi concentration camps were Jewish, the Polish clergyman said other victims should also have memorial days. He was quoted as saying: "It is not right to expropriate that tragedy for propaganda. The Jews enjoy good press because they have powerful financial means behind them, enormous power and the unconditional backing of the United States, and this favours a certain arrogance that I find unbearable."
Uh Oh, someone’s been telling the truth again, someone's been talking about showing some equality in recognition of other victims of suffering. (que the outrage)….....Zionists have staked a claim on the word “Holocaust” and the word “Suffering” along with “Victim” and they are solely reserved for Zionists. Time to mobilise the well funded worldwide Zionist hasbara masses, demand that heads must roll! Someone must pay, someone must always “pay.”
The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has approached the Vatican, which has so far declined to comment, and the Cardinal of Krakow about Pieronek's remarks.
Sound the Alarm!!! Outrage, outrage, outrage, poor little Israel, poor us, the perpetual victims, give us something because we are the only people who ever suffered, but don’t look at the holocaust we are currently inflicting on Palestinians. Pay no attention to those dying children………..