27 January 2010


Oh, where does one begin. I am just after reading an opinion piece on "Justice" (there's the first joke of many) in the the Zionist rag "Ynetnews." If you can recover from the Chutzpah and shock of the first paragraph (below) where Israel wishes for 2-3 more earthquakes, the remaining argument will test what's left of what we call reality. Firstly, Israel's "Haiti Hasbara Hat Trick":
With two or three more earthquakes we’ll be resolving all our Goldstone problems.
Is your head spinning off it's axis yet? No? Well no worries, there's a whole lot more to follow. Like how Israel is entitled to all the Palestinian land, and that they need to present those "facts" to the "American Gentiles" and the rest of the world instead of framing their argument in regards to "security" issues instead.
Our PR salvation needs to come from other places, and especially from our righteousness.

The Israeli way to the world’s heart does not go through overseas disaster zones or touching memorials at Auschwitz, but rather, only in the debate theater vis-à-vis the Arabs. If they defeat us there, no mission to Haiti will save us from a despicable colonialist image.

As result of our fatigue we abandoned our claim of ownership for Judea and Samaria and shifted to focusing on security considerations.

Mahmoud Abbas talks about rights while Netanyahu speaks of defensible borders. The Palestinian Authority chairman claims, with great chutzpah, that Beit El is his ancestral land

All the legal and historic arguments justifying our control of Beit El and Jerusalem – and these are some well-based arguments – have been put into deep freeze.

Over time, the gentiles are unimpressed with our humanitarian enterprises or with our high-tech achievements. They are also unimpressed with our security concerns and Holocaust trauma. They prefer to hear a convincing moral explanation from us, but they are not getting it.
So here's the answer he comes up with, resurrect old fashioned Zionism. I immediately thought to myself, if 21st century Zionism allows for murdering, ethnic cleansing, land theft and breaking International Law; then one can only imagine what this "Old Fashion-New-Fangled" resurrected Zionism would inflict on the sane world:
All the Zionist explanations of yore have been buried for many years now under the rubble of our confidence in our righteousness. The time has come to organize a mission that will rescue them too.
Seriously, these "people" know no boundaries, none what so ever. They would gladly kill off anyone, including Americans to get what they want under the delusional vision they think they deserve it. They don't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us, it should be reserved for humans only.


realisticbird said...

Hey! Hope you are well.

I think the best way to answer non Israeli Zionists when they go on their propaganda campaign by directing them to what the Israelis say in their newspapers and TV, mostly the non English ones. The ugliness is there to see with no effort needed.

Irish4Palestine said...

Salam:) We are well, recovering from the enormity of Gaza. I agree with your assessment as well:)

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