29 January 2010


Here are some interesting reports from some of our favourite blogs:

Israel will now be able to frame anyone it wants for any crime it wants:
Connecting the Dots:
Scientists from the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company Nucleix have demonstrated that it is possible to create fake DNA samples and plant them as evidence at a crime scene. "You can just engineer a crime scene," said lead researcher and Nucleix co-founder Dan Frumkin. more
Hmmmm one wonders what will happen the next time one of those Israeli spies gets busted in America, call in the “DNA Fix It Team” perhaps..

And Xymphora discusses the "underwear patsy", America's stupid (undercover)foreign policy, and the practical aspects of using Israeli security HERE

And over at Political Theatrics, we see Obama fully under the control of Israel. When asked why he ignores the plight of the Palestinians and won’t hold Israel accountable, he gives them the approved AIPAC answer.

From Desertpeace, the truth about HAMAS:
Did Hamas stage a coup, a planned overthrow of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the Gaza Strip? more
And over at Kenny’s Sideshow, he covers Obamas grovelling to AIPAC and Israel, and funny enough, what Obama said ties in with what I wrote about here, more wars for Israel.
And as Iran's leaders continue to ignore their obligations, there should be no doubt: They, too, will face growing consequences. That is a promise." more
And for today’s comedy, we turn to GoonSquad for THIS too funny report on the “news”