01 February 2010


Much Israeli criminal activity to write about this morning. First, Those of you who voted for “Hope and Change” should immediately ask the DNC to refund your money which was obtained fraudulently:
link Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon declared Monday that Israel's relations with the United States have "never been better.”

"What makes the U.S. special is the fact that it has maintained its good relations with Israel over the years," Ayalon declared "Its support is not based on the financial pockets of the Arab states.
He's right, it’s not based on the financial pockets of the Arab states, it’s based on lunatic Christian Zionists who are hell bent on taking the world out, along with their Israeli counterparts. Both of which are akin to Al Qaeda. Speaking of these lunatic so called “Christians” I just wonder what America’s response would have been had, if Oh let’s say a proselytizing Muslim group entered America under the guise of helping in a natural disaster like Katrina, and then attempted to kidnap 33 American children saying they were orphans when they had family members alive:
link “One of the elder girls told us, ‘I’m not an orphan. I still have my parents,’” he added. “She thought she was going on a summer holiday vacation given by friendly people from America and the Dominican Republic.”

The group said its “Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission” was an effort to help abandoned children by taking them to an orphanage across the border in the Dominican Republic.
The Baptist group planned to scoop up 100 kids and take them by bus to a 45-room hotel at Cabarete, a beach resort in the Dominican Republic, that they were converting into an orphanage, Silsby told the AP.
And it’s not just the Zio-Christian lunatics who think they are above the laws of this world with regards to kidnapping. But the answer is that both groups need to be held accountable under the law. And in Lebanon, they get it right, let’s hope Haiti follows suit:
Link Israeli returned earlier on Monday the Lebanese citizen who was kidnapped by Jewish soldiers on Sunday in the border area of the two countries, Lebanon's state- run National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The NNA quoted a statement issued by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) as saying that "at 2:00 a.m. (GMT 0000), citizen Rabih Mohammed Zahra was recovered after he was abducted by an Israeli patrol last night in the vicinity of Bastra farm in the outskirts of Kafarshouba town."

NNA reported on Sunday that the shepherd "who was tending his flock of sheep in the area was taken away by the Israelis for interrogation at their Zibdeen military outpost," on the borders with Israel. It added that the 17-year-old Zahra was badly battered during his detention and the marks were clearly visible in his face and neck.

Lebanese government lodged a complaint to UN security council against Israel late Sunday, saying it a violation of resolution 1701 and Lebanon's sovereignty and its citizen's personal liberty.
Moving on to Israel's war crimes, I wonder if any “so called” news channel have the “chutzpah” to get Mark Regev ( the Israeli liar extraordinaire) back on air, to then re-play the load of bollox he repeated ad –nauseum during Israel’s genocide on Gaza where he said “Israel did not use White Phosphorous” even whilst the videos showing it falling from the sky were being seen around the world. Then ask him why he said that when even Israel has no admitted the truth, again under legal threat of Goldstone Report:
link Two senior Israeli army officers have been disciplined for ordering white phosphorus shells to be fired towards a United Nations relief compound during last year's incursion into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government has revealed.

Brigadier General Eyal Eisenberg, the Gaza Division Commander, and Colonel Ilan Malka, the Givati Brigade Commander, were named in a report handed over to the UN last night as responsible for authorising the use of the controversial munitions, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The report states that Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) headquarters staff had judged that the two commanders were guilty of "exceeding their authority in a manner that jeopardised the lives of others".

The artillery attack by 155mm cannon, which took place while more than 700 Palestinian civilians were taking refuge inside the UN compound, set ablaze a warehouse that stores aid for more than 1 million Gazans and destroyed thousands of kilos of food and other supplies.

Last month Israel paid $10million compensation to the UN for the destruction of its Gaza compound, without admitting liability.

Israel's purpose in its latest submission to the UN appears to be to stave off the UN's threat of launching war crimes proceedings if it fails to carry out an independent investigation into the military’s conduct in Gaza.

White Phosphorous: The munitions disperse hundreds of pieces of felt soaked in the incendiary chemical, which sticks to buildings and flesh and burns for many hours, causing appalling injuries.
So are you wondering what sort of "punishment" Israel meted out to these war criminals? Well I was watching Presstv and they reported that the grave punishment will amount to a "note" placed in their "personal Military files." So there ya go, I should assume now that Israel would accept the same sort of punishment for members of the Al Quassam brigades who fought for Gaza, a note in their military files. But surprise! No! Instead Israel breaks all international laws (again) and enters Dubai in a Mafia Gangster Al Qaeda hit and commits murder, and no one cares..............

And lastly, here is a nice wee White Phosphorous timeline:

Israel and white phosphorus

January 5 2009: The Times first reveals that Israel is using the controversial munition

January 8 2009: The Times publishes pictures of white phosphorus shells ready for use by the IDF, and reveals that civilians are suffering horrific burns

January 12 2009: Pressure on Israel increases as doctors reveal they are treating 50 injured by white phosphorus in a single incident

January 15 2009: UN headquarters in Gaza is hit / Human Rights Watch condemns use of white phosphorus

January 20 2009: Mahmoud, 14, blinded in both eyes by phosphorus

January 24 2009: IDF admits for the first time that white phosphorus was used in Gaza / Amnesty accuses both Hamas and IDF of war crimes

April 23 2009: Israel inaccurately claims it stopped using white phosphorus on January 7 because of the Times report

September 16 2009: Goldstone report accuses Israel of war crimes and of reckless use of phosphorus in Gaza