24 February 2010

Carlos Santana Cancels Concert in Israel

Pro Israeli press is trying to make it look as if musician Carlos Santana merely bowed under pressure to postpone a performance in Israel. They tried to spin the possible BDS victory to make it look as if Santana was more worried about future PR than the actual cause he submitted himself to (assuming he did). The Santana site so far ( over a month after the fact) has nothing to offer by way of clarification despite having added U.S. dates and keeping their news section up to date. Officially, the Santana camp "postponed" in the original press release and stated that they are looking forward to performing in "historical sights" at some point in the future, but the ever victimized Zionists, with their trigger happy fingers clutching the perpetual gun loaded with the antisemitic bullet, cannot accept the story.

The part that gets me is the self preserving PR crap they are accusing the man of. Sure, it is likely to be a part of the issue, but it isn't likely to be the main one. They don't know Carlos like I know Carlos. No, I am not acquainted with him, but I grew up in a city where he was a well known benefactor of various Latino causes. Summers in that city were spent at ethnic street festivals where Santana played for free. Through my hometown grapevine, I heard recently that he will be performing at a benefit to raise money for an ordinary underfunded school in the area in the next month or so. His stardom has not led him to merely making token monetary donations as it has for so many others who sometimes don't even go that far, stopping at lip service. He is involved personally using his stardom as a vehicle for change.

He founded the Milagro Foundation which serves underprivaledged children around the world. This organization is funded in part by tickets sales. One such project is Hand in Hand, an Arab/Israeli venture which works towards coexistence through the funding of multicultural (Arab and Jewish) schools in Israel.
This indicates that Mr. Santana is very well aware of the issues and is trying to support proactive and positive change in Occupied Palestine while accepting the Jewish presence. A neutral party perhaps?
If he hasn't made a firm statement on why he has "postponed" his concert, the answer may lie in the fact that he doesn't want to instigate the hate that is sure to follow from the Zionists that can only survive if their own self centered PR prevails.

I am certain that the pressure to play in Israel is intense at the Santana camp.
You can sign an open letter thanking Mr. Santana for his decision over at Intifada, Voice of Palestine by going here.
Yes, its a small victory but it shouldn't go unnoticed.