24 February 2010


Well, you can't say the US is not consistent in it's grovelling to Israel. Remember those AIPAC spies for Israel, remember they were “let off”, remember the Harman-Pelosi thing, and most recently the Nozette thing and all the interlinking? Could America learn it's lessons on Israel? Could America stand up to Israel? Could America start protecting it's own interests? Is this possible? Indeed, could rain fall up instead of down, could the sun set in the morning and rise in the evening? check this out:
link Each April, the US releases the Special 301 Report, which examines the intellectual property laws of its main trading partners. The release generated international headlines last week as countries such as Canada and Israel found themselves on the "Priority Watch List" of countries that the US claims are the world's worst piracy offenders.
I know what you are all thinking, Whoa, America got it right and decided to protect itself. But I was actually thinking about Monty Python, as this phrase sprang to mind "And now for something completely different" at first, then I realised, Nah, just kidding, it's all the same.
EXHIBIT 2: link Israel and the United States Trade Representative struck a deal that will remove Israel from the USTR watch list.

Israel was on the Special 301 Priority Watch List, which monitors international intellectual property, because of a disagreement over protections of pharmaceuticals.

Israel had allowed the manufacture of generic drugs five years after a patented drug was approved for use. Other violations cited by USTR included the failure to adequately address Internet piracy and leaking undisclosed pharmaceutical data obtained from U.S. manufacturers.

Under the new agreement announced last week by the Israeli Embassy in Washington, foreign companies can market their product exclusively for a longer period of time in Israel and will receive commercial incentive to introduce new drugs into the Israeli health care system in a timely fashion. When the drug’s patent expires in either the United States or Europe, Israeli generic companies can begin manufacturing.
Now enter the Israeli agent masquerading as an American:
U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has pushed to have Israel removed from the list, welcomed the agreement.
Seriously it’s high time the American Government just tell the American people what the craic truly is. Just get it out in the open, tell it like it is, go for it……Time to re-do Betsy Ross’ flag design to include a big fat Star of David, right smack in the centre of those red and white stripes. Also, the pledge of allegiance must be changed to reflect the reality of today. I suggest something like the following be adopted:

“I pledge alliance to the flag of the United States of Israel, and to the Zionist control for which it stands, one nation, under Israel, with no liberty or justice for non-Jews, Americans or Muslims”