13 February 2010

Even Dead Palestinians Shall Know No Peace

Museum Creates New Jerusalem Divide
Published: February 10, 2010

JERUSALEM — In a dispute that reflects the religious and political divides in this contested city, representatives of long-established families petitioned the on Wednesday for help in trying to stop Israel and the from constructing a museum on part of a centuries-old Muslim cemetery.

It was the latest challenge to the Center for Human Dignity — Museum of Tolerance being built here by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization. The project has been plagued by stinging criticism and other problems since 2004, when the sponsors began digging up a 50-year-old parking lot built over part of the cemetery. Source

The article goes on to explain who and why a parking lot was built over portions of the cemetery in the first place and a statement by Rabbi Marvin Heir, the museums founder who had this to say in defence/defiance:
“The Museum of Tolerance project is not being built on the Mamilla Cemetery. It is being built on Jerusalem’s former municipal car park, where every day for nearly half a century, thousands of Muslims, Christians and Jews parked their cars without any protest whatsoever from the Muslim community.”

And who is to blame for this parking lot anyway? Some unnamed corrupt Muslim cleric is dusted off and brought into the picture. It was all his fault you see. He told Israel that after so many years, the sanctity of Muslim burial places is over so it would be alright to exhume (or simply tar over as the case may have been), the bodies. And you know, if Israel gets caught red handed, then equal blame has to go to Palestinians, because we always mislead the do gooder state of Zion into making wrong moral choices.

It was interesting to note that architect Franck Gehry pulled out of the mess but too bad he couldn't actually take a stand, instead citing other projects as his excuse. surely with his stellar reputation he can afford to speak out about something he seems to have found at the very least, distasteful if not completely animalistic?

The bodies are said to have been (respectfully) transferred to a nearby cemetery and so all is well. Yet Palestinians believe that their ancestors are still buried there which indicates that the Israeli lies and coverups are full swing on the matter.