14 February 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

One of the most disgusting manifestations of the Zionist scourge is the constant prodding of the global public into the belief that Palestinian parents (assuming these victims are first of all actually alive and second of all, not imprisoned) raise their children to be terrorists as if that is the sole purpose of the Palestinian existence.
Children who are born and entrapped within occupation, growing up under siege as hostages, and watching their loved ones perish in defenseless war zones, suffer the emotional consequences(that should be obvious) and yes, they HATE ISRAEL! This does not make them inhuman. These children need to be healed, not of their justifiable hate (only true justice can do that) but of their heartaches and nightmares.

Loss of Innocence:An Exhibition of Art By the Children of Gaza

To see closeups of some of the artwork and read a little bit about this project, go here.
The exhibit has been booked on a tour of the U.K., but seems to be drawing to a close. To find out more, go here.
I feel its important to not allow this exhibit to fade into oblivion. If you can book this tour for a special event, please try.