08 February 2010


In the world of political rhetoric, ya gotta love the Iranians. Firstly they take no "shite" off the US or Israel, good for them. And speaking of the Evil Rogue State of Israel, I am personally awarding Iran "First Prize" for the best description of Israel ever given by any country. And here's the winning sentence: "Israel is a mad nation led by insane people"
source Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Monday referred to Israel as "a mad nation led by insane people".

In an interview to the al-Jazeera network, Mottaki said that the Islamic Republic was not taking the Jewish state's threats to launch a military attack on its nuclear facilities seriously, but stressed that Tehran must be prepared for an Israeli attack.

Mottaki says 'Zionist regime is in its weakest position' following Goldstone Report, Lebanon and Gaza wars, but warns entire region 'must be prepared for crazy operations against us' com
Yup, kudos to Iran for the best ever description of Israel..............