09 February 2010

According to New Legislation=Britain Should Expel 1/2 of its NATIVE Population

Well I’m having a real laugh this morning at Britain’s attempt to cover up its racism. What am I talking about? Why the “all new and improved” immigration policy for foreign students that’s what! Note the “great democracy” passes this without one person having a vote, there’s a laugh.
The new rules, which do not require legislation, come into effect immediately.
Now, Britain is becoming more and more right wing and racist, just like America, strangely enough. First we have the emergence of the BNP a cover political party for a bunch of racists and islamophobics with room temperature IQ’s. Their following consists of the type of yobs you’d see fighting at football matches and outside scruffy bars. But even those who would not ever vote for the BNP are beginning to rumble on about immigration.

It’s the same old story, the nasty immigrants are taking our jobs, blah, blah blah. If it weren’t for all those “immigrants” we’d be living in palaces like the queen eating cakes and tea all day. Seriously, as if anyone in Britain wants the type of jobs those hard working immigrants take. And let’s not forget the fact that the National Health Service, the NHS would collapse without foreign nurses and doctors talking care of all those hoodies and yobs after a good fight. Or when the upper crust hunting and shooting crowd fall off their trusted steed or shoot themselves in the foot. Or the posh crowd breaks a fingernail. So Britain thinks its new non-democratic “legislation” solves the problem. Wrong-o I say.
Those seeking to study in the country will have to speak passable English. Prospective students will have to speak English to a level just below GCSE standard
Now, for those not familiar with “GCSE” level English, let me explain. Basically, this means in order to remain in Britain, people must speak college entrance level English or be booted out of the country. I say go for it Britain, and whilst your at it you might find that you should also boot out ½ of your own population as well. Because this is a case of Pot-Kettle-Black.

The Proof is below. Let’s take a look at how a vast majority of young and middle aged British people speak. NOTE, 1. you may need a translator, and 2. these are white kids born in England with weapons, not immigrants:

MORE PROOF, the Scottish don't speak GCSE English either, definite translation needed here:

Or the Welsh, note there is translation included on this one:

So this is not really about Britain wanting a population that speaks proper GCSE level English is it now? So either Britain should throw out half of its own population or admit this is nothing but a racist scam against foreigners, now "innit" end of........