09 February 2010

Israeli Irrationality in the Post Goldstone Era

Besides the blatant denial and the complete lack of decency to even offer a token apology or an inkling of remorse for the innocent loss of life during the Gaza holocaust , Israel has been thumping its chest and emitting war cries since the release of the Goldstone Report.
So instead of self-examination, Israel's conflicted, and increasingly right-wing political body unleashed a belligerent tone -- angry, defiant, threatening, unfocused like a petulant and wounded child. Diversionary tactics came into play to focus domestic and international attention elsewhere and fill the frustrating void -- Hamas in Gaza, the potential nuclear aspirations of Iran, Palestinian intransigence on peace talks, Hezbollah's weapons, Syria, Turkey, anti-Semitism, the Goldstone Report. Source
In a short time span, Israel has attempted to instigate conflicts with Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and Turkey. If it weren't so serious, I'd think that I was watching an Anti Islamic Hollywood film about an evil terrorist threatening to obliterate the world.

They have made threats, spread more evil lies and ran to hide behind their Apartheid Wall with fingers on the trigger and Big Brother (U.S.) patting them on the head. This is the country that claims to want "peace" with it's neighbors. Or do they mean "piece", as in "I want a piece of the pie" or " I want a piece of you". And they do, they want more and more and more..........