07 February 2010

On the War Path, and other news

As Israel keeps threatening the regional countries with war, Egyptian maritime sources say the Israeli navy has deployed two missile ships to the Persian Gulf. Source
plus this (from a few days ago)
The reports say the United states is also beefing up its naval presence in the region with special ships with the ability to shoot down missiles .source
Clever wording that. Self defense and all.

Do you all feel safer yet? No? Maybe this little bit of political lying will help you sleep better at night.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought Sunday to further calm the war of words between Israel and Syria, telling his cabinet that Israel aspired to peace with all its neighbors, and that he was open to fresh talks with Syria.Source
And for a laugh,
We can achieve this with two conditions: The first is that we hold negotiations without preconditions.........
You knew there was a catch right?