03 February 2010


No, the US has not invaded Gaza................yet. Instead the "shock and awe" is in relation to this; One year later in Gaza, One member of FATAH visits Gaza and says this; 'I am in contact with my brothers in Hamas' and we say "About effing time" and where's the rest of the "brothers"
link Nabil Shaath, a member of the central committee of the secular Fatah, said he hoped to meet representatives from all the Palestinian factions including democratically elected Hamas, which seized Gaza control in June 2007.

"I want to see the citizens and their situation in Gaza. I am coming to part of the (Palestinian) homeland and I don't need a visa," he told reporters after passing through the Erez border crossing from Israel.
Ok right there is telling, call me, well... call me "skeptical" as the Zionists let him in. What does Israel get out of this, it's always about what Isarel can "get."
"I am in contact with my brothers in Hamas and all the Palestinian factions, and all of them know about this visit. I am not on a secret mission.
Time will tell why he has visited, suddenly, now, after one year, with Zionist permission to pass through Erez.