13 March 2010

Americas Bias Against Jews and Muslims(non Hasbara Facts)

In this recent post, Irish disclosed the vicious hasbara plan of attack against BDS. At first, I was outraged, not just as a Palestinian, but also as an American. As I read more, I realized there were fundamental errors that could easily be countered by Pro Palestinians. The arguments are shallow and not very well thought out. In fact, they seemed hopelessly foolish. One such argument that first enraged me was this one:

BDS is also part of the broader Islamist strategy to undermine the West. Especially in North America, activists need to understand how positions they are taking are aiding the same people who support shooting up Fort Hood, trying to down commercial jets on Christmas, and succeeded in killing nearly three thousand people on September 11, 2001

Unless they mean to reach Fundamentalist Christian university students (the least likely to take part in BDS), this just isn't going to fly very far. There is so much wrong with this strategy (besides the obvious hate speech) that it became laughable eventually. Yes, Irish, they are insane. But even the insane can have acute intelligence that I do not see displayed in that statement. I don't think that the general American public is very well understood by the writers at all.

They are operating on a premise that is not entirely factual and betrays a disconnect from the reality of large portions of American society.
An example:

There is a growing movement among Americans (both right and left and everywhere in between) known as Truthers. Truthers are being portrayed as crazy conspiracy theorists but the fact remains that there is much about 911 that has not been revealed to us and what has been revealed is not making any sense. This does not exclude the idea of Israeli involvement nor should it. If the hasbara orchestrators don't see the implications to their cause here as well as having missed the shift in public opinion on 911, then I say Good! Let them continue onwards as always.

The other thing that is clear is that they also believe that Americans in general are really stupid and blindly patriotic. Its true that some are and it is equally true that many are not either of those things, especially not patriotic these days. They are misreading the times completely because they believe their own shit. Again, I say good. Cut your own throats.

What I do find objectionable in that statement is that innocent people's safety is put on the line with the type of hate speech that they used, including the safety of Jews. And I have no doubt that they know this.

A poll about Americans' views on Islam concludes that the strongest predictor of prejudice against Muslims is whether a person holds similar feelings about Jews.

The Gallup poll, released Thursday, also finds that people who report going to religious services more than once a week are less likely to harbor bias against Muslims.

The poll, conducted in the fall, is the latest large-scale survey to find a high level of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a poll in September showing that Muslims are thought to suffer more discrimination than any other U.S. religious group, by a wide margin. Jews were second.

The Gallup poll asked Americans about their views of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism and found that 53 percent see Islam unfavorably.

There is no consistent data over time about Americans' views on Islam or Muslims. Dalia Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, said that Americans' attitudes toward Muslims generally seem to be improving but that "changes are not dramatic."

The Pew poll found that Americans' views on whether Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence -- a question Pew first asked after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- have fluctuated dramatically.

In the Gallup poll, respondents who said they feel "a great deal" of prejudice toward Jews are very likely to report feeling the same level of bias toward Muslims.

Mogahed, who is on a board that advises President Obama on faith-based issues, said the Gallup poll was prompted partly by Obama's outreach to Muslim-majority societies and a desire to understand more about what shapes Americans' views on Islam.

In a note accompanying the poll results, Gallup makes the argument that Americans' prejudice against Muslims is at least partly fueled by misinformed beliefs. For example, people who believe Muslims worldwide oppose equal rights for men and women tend to be much more likely to report prejudice against Muslims.

Data from other Gallup interviews that were not part of the most recent poll show that majorities of Muslims in Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among other places, say that women and men should have equal legal rights. Source

Sacrifice a few Jews in the process of attempting to incite hate crimes against Muslims? No problem!
The only portion of the American public the authors understand at all is the white supremacist (you have to wonder why that is) and that is evident in the wording of the statement. Notice how they stripped the word Palestine out of the picture entirely? There is a good reason for that.
It is rather well know that white supremacists are very anti Islam. However they are equally hateful of Jews and doubly so because of Israel. This leads them to a rather odd support for Palestine. If they knew Israel was behind this hasbara they would not support it. The one word that would tip them off to the manipulation, is "Palestine".
Be that as it may, when statements like this hit the mark, the hate will be distributed equally, you can be sure of that much. Way to go assholes.