13 March 2010


Here's an interesting little piece of info. Israel is not the most "favoured" nation in America. In fact, Israel came in 5th.
LINK Israel ranked fifth among countries viewed most favorably by Americans, a new poll found.Israel finished behind Canada, Britain, Germany and Japan in a February Gallup survey.
However, if you are an American and ever needed a reason as to why you should vote Democrat, here it is:
Israel was the only country rated this year that is viewed more favorably by Republicans, with 80 percent of respondents identifying as Republicans viewing the country favorably, compared with 53 percent of Democrats.
Now, given the fact that Israel controls the major media outlets in the US, the Palestinians only came in at this:
Some 20 percent of respondents viewed the Palestinian Authority favorably, an improvement over last year’s total of 15 percent, placing it fourth from the bottom.
Still this is an improvement, and actually it is quite telling. Because if this figure has grown since last year, even with the under reported news and all the Zio-Hasbara being spun 24/7 on US television, in fact, if Americans were to actually be exposed to real news I would imagine this number would sky rocket and Israel would be in serious trouble.

food for thought...............