23 March 2010

Damage Control

How far have the mighty fallen? Not far enough, not yet. But they are not free falling and there is a difference between taking it on the chin and actually plummeting into a black hole.

Last night, BBC America did a segment on Hilary Clintons speech to AIPAC. I found her speech shameful as an American and infuriating as a Palestinian. She made it “perfectly clear” that the U.S. will keep Israeli “security” at the forefront in dealings with Iran. That was her carrot stick. Then she continued on to the delicate matter of illegal expansion into East Jerusalem explaining that the U.S wasn’t actually insulted-oh no, au contraire! She stopped short of mentioning that expansion was illegal under international law, sticking only to the mutual rights of Palestine and Israel to have their own peaceful states and how that expansion was not conducive to that end. The same old blabber we have been hearing from the U.S. for a couple of weeks.

Cut to reactions from the Zionist audience. Unbelievably, some were nodding in agreement. Two or three were interviewed and practically gushed praise! All is well in Zionville. They all want peace with Palestine. They all want Palestinians to be equal. They all flashed frozen smiles for the camera. Nothing more than hasbara, par for the course.

Which is to say that it was just another load of shit! This was AIPAC’s most current public face, the one that the American public would remember.
What really happened? Watch the video below where Zionists ask for an apology from the U.S. That’s right, we offended them when they offended us! If not an apology then at least don’t let the problem remain in the American public eye for Gods sake! Bicker in private! Well, its not bickering they fear. Its an awakening of the American public to the fact that Israel is a danger to our nation and to the world at large.