23 March 2010


I just heard on the news radio here that the Israeli Ambassador Ron Proser will be expelled from England regarding the Dubai incident.CORRECTION AND UPDATE, it's not ronnie boyo it's the top mossad man in England who's getting the boot instead. Dont get too excited, this is Americas friend giving Israel a sucker punch for dissing America recently and making a mockery out of Obama's feeble attempts at a "peace process." Yup, me thinks that the recent slap to Biden, followed by the announcment of more settlements, refusal to even "freeze" the illegal settlements, US General Petraeus comments on Israel, and now the big fat AIPAC bitch slap to Obama and America, where Netanyahu said they own Jerusalem......Now the US will flex it's muscles towards Israel, using their poodle England, to toss out the Zionist official:
source A British official says the government is to expel an Israeli diplomat following the use of fake British passports in the suspected Mossad assassination of a Hamas operative.Foreign Secretary David Miliband is scheduled to address Parliament Tuesday on the issue.

His office declined to provide details in advance. A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment ahead of the statement, says Britain will expel one Israeli diplomat.
Israel's ambassador to Britain Ron Prosor was called to London's Foreign Office on Monday for talks.

source A ministerial statement to be made to Parliament will formally name the Israeli security services as responsible for the cloning of up to 15 British passports, which were copied after being taken away by airport officials.
The statement will say that it proved impossible to confirm definitively whether Mossad, the feared Israeli secret intelligence service, was responsible for the operation, with suspicion also resting on the Military Intelligence Directorate.
But the probe had determined for certain that the passports were cloned when British citizens passed through airports on their way into Israel, with officials taking them away for “checks” which lasted around 20 minutes.
Foreign Office sources expressed frustration that there was little more that could be done to “punish” Israel over the affair.
A number of those whose passports were stolen had dual British and Israeli nationality.