18 March 2010


After weeks of provocative war mongering moves, such as opening a synagogue at Al Aqsa Mosque, refusing to let Muslim enter Al Aqsa Mosque, ethnically cleansing Muslims from their homes in East Jerusalem, announcing more land grabbing settlements of close to 2 thousand new psychotic settlers, and generally poking sticks and attempting to instigate fights with Muslims, Israel is today rejoicing, their work has now paid off.

Today a small rocket was fired into Israel (by a handful of dissidents) and a Thai agricultural worker died as a result, this is very sad for the innocent man, however it is not a reason to once again bomb thousands of innocent Gazan civlians. But, for Israel this is a “Win Win” situation and now Israel can order air strikes on thousands of innocent Gazans, such a deal! Never mind that the Government of Gaza, Hamas, has not fired any rockets and in fact has been dealing with these radical Al-Qaeda sympathizers, who are not only a threat to Israel, but also to Hamas and the population of Gaza. So Israel’s reaction will of course be to wipe our more innocent people for the actions of a handful of dissidents that the Government in Gaza isnot part of. If that had been done here in Ireland during the Peace Process, there never would have BEEN a “process.” After the IRA and British ceasefire was in place, a group of dissidents carried out THIS bombing in 1998 where not 1, but 29 people were killed. Still both sides stayed the course for peace, rode out the rough times, and today look where we are. But then we all know Isarel is not in the business of making peace, only war:
link A rocket attack into Israel claimed by an Islamist militant group underlines a growing challenge to the Hamas movement that rules Gaza and has been trying to crack down on Al-Qaeda-inspired factions.

The attack, which killed a Thai man working on a farm just inside Israel, embarrassed Hamas as UN officials in Gaza hosted the European Union's foreign affairs chief, a rare visit by such a senior Western official to the blockaded territory.

Analysts say the groups, which identify with Al-Qaeda but have no organizational links to it, do not pose an immediate threat to Hamas's rule over Gaza but are likely to remain a thorn in its side for some time to come.

The groups are accused of orchestrating a series of bomb attacks targeting Christian churches, Internet cafes and most recently Hamas security men and offices.
"They don't have a big following but they continually challenge the Hamas government and embarrass it by doing such attacks," said Are Hovdenak, author of a report on the subject for the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (http://www.mil.no/multimedia/archive/00118/00092-118038a.pdf).

Underlining the point, Thursday's rocket launch defied Hamas's efforts to rein in such attacks from Gaza, whose 1.5 million resident are suffering ever worsening living conditions due to a blockade enforced by Israel and Egypt

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said Thursday's rocket attack had "crossed a red line.” "The Israeli response will be appropriate. It will be strong," he said. Previous attacks have drawn Israeli air strikes.

However, the attack by a group called Ansar Al-Sunna during a visit by the EU's Catherine Ashton, who did not meet Hamas officials, is likely to encourage the group to further tighten its grip on radical dissidents
And how many times has Isarel bombed Gaza since the "war" supposedly ended? Numerous times!