30 March 2010


America’s Best Friend “Strikes Out” Again

This time an attempt is being made to out victimize the real victims of discrimination. New charges of, you guessed it, Anti-Semitism, are being flung at Americans again. This time the Zionists want to sully an American Hero and America’s favourite pastime, Babe Ruth and Baseball. All the while ignoring the REAL victims of discrimination.

An article published yesterday by Howard Megdal, the author of “The Baseball Talmud” claims that the American baseball clubs were “discriminatory and Anti-Semitic.” As a result, they claim, that Babe Ruth’s amazing world record actually should have belonged to Hank Greenberg, a Jewish player instead, but for all this “Discrimination and Anti-Semitism.”

Much more after this Zionist hasbara. First this:
When Hank Greenberg of the Detroit Tigers made a run at Babe Ruth’s season home run record, falling two short with 58 in 1938, was he pitched around because he was Jewish?
Some members of Greenberg’s family and legions of his fans believed that anti-Semitic pitchers had walked Greenberg often to keep him from a fair shot at Ruth, who set the record in 1927. Greenberg, however, called such a view “pure baloney.”
Yet what about these problems outlined below, which, I note, were covered well down the article and well after the charges of “Discrimination and Anti-Semitism” are made:
He fell short of Ruth for other reasons as well. Greenberg played in only 155 games (Ruth played in 151 in 1927); Greenberg played before the advent of night games (and lights), so many of his at-bats came at twilight, when it was harder to see the ball. And his final game of the 1938 season was called after seven innings because of darkness.
Yet this claim is still made, that Greenberg was “discriminated” against and was a “victim.” As always the Zionists claim for equality, remains only focused on themselves. So compare this below, with what follows:
Henry Benjamin "Hank" Greenberg nicknamed "Hammerin' Hank," was an American professional baseball player in the 1930s and 1940s. Hank Greenberg offered to play for New York Yankees in 1929. In 1930 he was the youngest player in the majors when he first broke in, at 19.
So Greenberg played baseball in 1930, now let’s see who the REAL victims of discrimination are:
The baseball color line, sometimes called the "Gentleman's Agreement", was the policy, unwritten for nearly its entire duration, which excluded African Americans and other dark-skinned players from organized baseball in the United States before 1947. As a result, various Negro Leagues were formed, which featured those players not allowed to participate in the major or minor leagues.
A full EIGHTEEN YEARS after Greenberg was playing ball, the FIRST African American was finally allowed to play, before this date all African Americans had to play on a “Negro”Team, yet “Greenberg “is the victim. Additionally the year he supposedly was discriminated against and supposedly lost to Babe Ruth due to “discrimination” was 1948. when only ONE YEAR before, in 1947 the first African American began to play ball on a major League integrated team. Only one year before, yet Greenberg had already been accepted and was playing for 17 years. Who are the real victims of discrimination? African Americans were:
Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians was the first African American to play in the American League. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the National League.Player Team Date [1]

Jackie Robinson
Brooklyn Dodgers, NL
April 15, 1947

Larry Doby
Cleveland Indians, AL
July 5, 1947

Hank Thompson
St. Louis Browns, AL
July 17, 1947

Roy Campanella
Brooklyn Dodgers, NL
April 20, 1948
With regards to the claim of "Discrimination" and "Victimization" Greenberg was never forced to play on a "Jewish Only" team, in fact there was no such thing as a "Jewish Only" team. There was, however, a "Negro Only" team..........................