03 March 2010


In my wildest dreams, I could not have conjured this up!

Israel has approved a plan to commercialize the Western Wall by allowing advertising to be beamed onto the bricks. All this time, I thought that such religious sites were to blame for the death and mayhem of Palestinians, but no. It was money. Pure and simple greed.
SourceThe proposal, drawn up by MK Mordechai Hidud, will take advantage of technology being developed by Kfar Sava-based start-up Kotelad. The company - the brainchild of U.S.-born Joe King - has come up with an innovative laser projector capable of beaming high-quality images onto walls, domes, minarets and steeples.
King waxes prophetic on his innovation:
"After thousands of years of just being there, the Western Wall will finally be able to fulfill its commercial potential," King said. "The religious and spiritual center of the Jewish people should reflect Jewish heritage - and thus be dedicated to bringing in a healthy profit."
Jewish heritage=healthy profit? See? Nobody really minds (and as of this writing, nobody is disputing the statement) the use of this stereotype. Further, doesn't this project turn a supposedly sacred "heritage" site into the Whore of Babylon? Where are the sanctimonious today? Where are the antisemitic accusations? If an outsider or " self hating" Jew equated money with Jewish heritage, it would be "off with his head!"
But most of all, this is why we lost Palestine. Not religion. There is clearly no respect for that in Israel, but money.