02 March 2010


Israel never needed us. They never “really” cared what the world thought of Israel’s actions, never "really" felt threatened by critics of Israel. I find it personally stunning that Israel has the ability to be so blinded by their racist Zionist agenda that they have totally and unequivocally lost touch with the real world living outside the walled Prison they call “Israel.” That is changing:
link Re'ut, an Israel-based think tank, recently completed an analysis of the issue and concluded that "while Israel's delegitimizers come from relatively marginal forces in Europe, their effectiveness stems from their ability to engage and mobilize others. This is accomplished by branding Israel as a pariah and 'apartheid' state, identifying 'outstanding issues' -- such as the 'Gaza blockade,' 'settlements,' 'the separation wall,' 'occupation,' 'disproportionate use of force,' or 'human rights violations' -- and rallying their coalition around it; making pro-Palestinian activity trendy; promoting boycotts, divestments and sanctions; and, most importantly, blurring the line separating them from those that criticize Israeli policy yet do not delegitimize it."

Re'ut points out that "the delegitimizers work 'from the periphery to the center' and 'bottom-up, thriving in social networks and on the Internet. Hence, while in formal policy spheres Israel's diplomatic position remains relatively strong and solid, its standing among the general public and intellectual elites is being eroded."

We must act now to prevent the clouds from becoming a full-fledged storm.
They always operated under the misguided thought process that “the world would soon forget.” However, it now appears the penny may have dropped for some in Israel. And now, suddenly, “we” have become a very important commodity for Israel.

Starting with the most recent, but continued, Gaza Genocide December 2008 to January 2009, the world outside “Prison Israel” watched in sheer horror as the bodies of tiny children began to pile up, one after another, being carried by their running and screaming parents looking for help. Or tiny children, injured, dripping with blood and being carried by Paramedics, with the look of utter shock on their seasoned faces AND our own faces!! We watched the White Phosphorous rain down onto the most densely populated areas, and we waited for the images we knew would surely come, more dead and burned children. We watched as children and human beings were dug out from under the rubble of their former homes, the weight of 10 story structures having collapsed onto them. Sometimes we’d see an arm, or a leg, or a head, that once belonged to a human being appear in the rubble. Many of us wondered, who they were, why their life ended in such a barbaric way. We wanted to know about them, we wanted to know about their families, we needed to know, we hungered to know about them, we did so because it was the only way any of us could make peace with our own selves. Decent people in the world felt we owed them that much, to at least know their names. So that their image would not forever be some nameless charred body in our memories.

All the while the Zionist Propaganda controlled the airwaves. Millions of human beings around the world wanted answers, they wanted to see SOME form of compassion coming from an Israeli Official with regards to the 400 dead children, however, none came. This enraged the world. People wondered how the Israeli mouthpieces could not even bring themselves to even address this in any sort of “humanistic” fashion.

Sure even America is smart enough to know the mileage it can get, simply by issuing an “apology” even if it IS insincere. America just last week apologised for killing 12 Afghans, and for killing 69 more of them here, and 10 more here. America EVEN apologised for overthrowing the Kingdom of Hawaii!! How’s that for some serious Hasbara! But Oh No, not Israel, they are the “chosen Ones” and as such, never have to apologise, because such an act is far below their “Audacity” Radar. Day after day we saw Mark Regev and Tzipi Livni make excuse after excuse for what we were seeing. At times they even attempted to question what we saw with our own eyes! I, for one, will never forget Mark Regev stating day after day that “Israel was not using White Phosphorous” then weeks later he had to “adjust” his propaganda to “Israel does not use illegal weapons” leaving out the most important part that White Phosphorous is never to be used in civilian areas, this being a war crime. All of this was so “over the top” that it angered and outraged millions of people who never before even thought about Israel, or what it is, or what it does, or what its agenda is.

Was Israel worried about loosing support where it had support before? Nope, not Israel, again they don’t need anyone. So they continued on, making more and more settlements, shooting more Palestinians, stealing more land, threatening more countries with war, trying to steal Muslim holy sites, and all the while “claiming” they want peace. And then came Dubai……………..where Israel decided it could appoint itself “Judge-Jury-Executioner” to commit extra-judicial murders, snubbing democracy, the right to trial and breaking international laws. And once again felt it could do anything it wanted, including stealing the identities and passport information from innocent people around the world, in places like France, England, Ireland, and Germany. Dragging these countries and innocent civilians into Israel’s evil crusade against Islam and Muslims. But even that was not enough; they used American credit cards to pay for their crimes, now throwing the US into the dirty mix of deceit and murder.

After a year long killing spree, Israel is beginning to notice something important. Israel is starting to “twig” that a real and genuine problem is surfacing. What they don’t realise is that this “problem” has always been in existence, however, thanks to Israel’s very own actions, it can now thank itself for giving us millions more who now share our cause. The tide has turned for Israel, and although they will mount a new and improved, massively intense campaign to resurrect their racist state, this too WILL fail. Too much has happened, we’ve seen far too much now. For all Israel needs to do is to simply ask one living holocaust survivor if they could ever forget what they saw in Nazi Germany, and right there is Israel’s most grave problem! Just as a genuine Jewish holocaust survivor could NEVER forget the images they saw, neither can we………..

And all the "Hasbara Campaigns" in the world can’t change that!

Because if you were looking for proof our work is paying off, then look no further than this article