22 March 2010


Like in Ireland during our conflict the British had a "shoot to Kill" policy, and now in Palestine the Zionists have a "shoot to kill" policy.The problem with having a "shoot to kill" policy, is that it often causes civilian murders. And sometimes it even backfires.

For instance, today Israel killed one of their own. Yup, a "friendly" fire incident at the border. A few Palestinians were trying to cross illegally, looking for work, because of the illegal Zionist siege on their country. They were totally and 100% unarmed civilians, as stated by the very same ZOF unit dealing with them. Suddenly another unit of ZOF soldiers arrive, trigger happy and looking to get in on the fun of shooting some Palestinians. Trouble is, they shot their own. serves them right, as the alternative would have been to murder unarmed civilians, rather than their fully armed comrades:
An Israeli has been killed by his own forces in a border incident in which three Palestinians illegally crossing the border from Gaza were seized.

The Israeli army said the Palestinians were unarmed and thought to be looking for work when they were stopped.

A second Israeli army unit arrived and opened fire, mistaking the first unit for the Palestinian suspects link