26 April 2010


And there you were thinking there were only 10 commandments? wrong-o!

Israel has added an 11th one. "Thou shalt not allow children to learn about Palestinians in the classroom" Or else you will be dealt with accordingly. Which brings me to the flying monkeys mentioned in my title, keep reading, we'll get there I promise:

Remember that scene in the "Wizard of Oz" when the wicked witch says to Dorothy "I'll get you and that little dog too" and then dispatches the flying monkeys? Well that's what awaits any school who dares to allow anything about the poor Palestinians to enter into the classroom. Much like Israel's apartheid state, they are transferring that same "apartheid" to classrooms worldwide. Don't you know silly person, the classroom is an "Anne Frank" only zone, no Palestinians allowed!! So anyone who disobeys the 11th commandment, Israel (AKA the wicked witch) will scramble it's flying squadron of monkeys to remove the offending Palestinian books from the classrooms. Apartheid in the classroom anyone?
Author defends The Shepherd’s Granddaughter Children’s novel under review by Toronto’s school board after parent, Jewish groups complain.

Anne Laurel Carter’s book The Shepherd’s Granddaughter, about a Palestinian farmgirl named Amani, is under review by Toronto’s public school board after complaints it is “anti-Israel.” (Alert!! 11TH COMMANDMENT BROKEN quick send in the flying monkeys!!)

Carter spoke to the Star’s education reporter Kristin Rushowy about the controversy. What follows is an edited transcript. Read the rest here.