27 April 2010


The Kosher Slaughterhouse Fraud

1. Jailed since November 2009
2. 86 financial fraud charges
3. fake invoices
4. the fraud cost bank $26 million.

Prosecutors call for life sentence, and said Sholom Rubashkin "should be treated no differently than other defendants sentenced by the court."

But, But, But he's special, and the law is Anti Semitic...What can I say, but isn't it always the same story? We're above the law and don't deserves to be treated equally:
A request that a former kosher slaughterhouse manager spend the rest of his life in prison for financial fraud has surprised Jewish groups. The justice system is singling out Rubashkin because of his appearance. He belongs to a Hasidic branch of Judaism in which men wear beards, long black coats and fedoras. Read it all here
Yup, sure enough it's not 27 minutes later and now this story is moving, here's another link, of course it's all about, you guessed it, "anti -semitism" again, Yawn..............