27 April 2010


Coming soon to an American University near you.

Are Jews a race or is Judaism a religion. How can Jews be a race when Jews come from all nationalities Russian, Polish, French, American, etc? Yet this is where we are going now. No longer are you "Russian or Polish or French" even if you're born there, your "national identity" is Jewish, not the country where you are born. And where is this beginning? Why of course in America, using American law. And it's all about controlling American Colleges and Universities. Why? Because of the BDS campaign and the fight to censor anything anti-Israel on any and all US campuses. See here, your future battle ground:
link A coalition of Jewish groups has asked the U.S. secretary of education to review (change)a policy that appears to preclude addressing discrimination complaints on the basis of religion.

The letter to Arne Duncan urges the department's Office for Civil Rights to treat incidents of campus anti-Semitism as discrimination on the basis of race and national origin, not just religion,

“Jewish students … should have some recourse and some remedy if they’re subject to intimidation or harassment on the basis of their identity of being Jewish,” said Richard Foltin, director of national and legislative affairs at the American Jewish Committee. “We want to make sure that the resources of our national institutions, our federal government, are in place for those students when they’re needed.
That's rich! Using the American Government and American laws to enact censorship on American Campuses for so called Americans who are loyal to another country. That statement about "national origin" tells it all. So you can be born in the USA which makes you an American, but if you're Jewish, it makes you some other "national origin"

All this is fancy talk for trying to create censorship, nothing more.