17 April 2010


This is the problem with racist people. They don't just hold those racist attitudes towards only one group of dark skinned people, or people from different cultures. Racism stems from a dislike of anyone different. I'm not a big Obama fan, he has yet to do anything worth supporting him for, he's not kept his promise about "change" or anything else really. And where Palestine is concerned, the US is still on the ground in the West Bank, US General Dayton is still training Palestinians to kill or jail other Palestinians and to work with Israel, No change there sadly.

Still, I do stand up for the right of a Black man to hold the office of President. I only wish it was a Black man who had the nerve to follow though on his promises. America may be on the road to equality for electing him, but not America's BFF Israel, they are light years behind equality and still wallowing in racism. Direct from the horses mouth, Er, make that the Zionists mouth:
link The pro-Israel website Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) are combatting the virulently anti-Israel views that they revealed are held by staff members of the New Israel Fund and the New York Times.

CAMERA drew attention to an interview given by Eitan (Ethan) Bronner, the New York Times's bureau chief in Jerusalem. In an interview with the American television station MSNBC, Bronner suggested that Israelis dislike United States President Barack Obama because Obama is black.

Bronner told interviewer Chris Matthews that Israelis prefer other senior US officials, such as Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to Obama. According to Bronner, one reason for this is that “there is some level of prejudice about the fact that [Obama] had some Islamic background through his father.”

Obama's policy of putting distance between the US and Israel in order to draw closer to the Muslim world is another factor in Israelis' dislike of the president, Bronner said.

A third factor is “some degree of racism, to be perfectly honest,” he added
Ooooops, cat of the bag now.........