23 April 2010

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April 23, 2010 at 10:51

For those of you that might not be aware, the journalist spoken about on this post is Khalid Amayreh. Khalid has been an Associate of this Blog for quite some time. An attack against him, verbal or otherwise is an attack on all of us…..

Jewish Settler website attacks, incites against Palestinian journalist
Occupied Jerusalem

An Israeli news-and-views website affiliated with the Nazi-minded Gush Emunim movement, which spearheads the manifestly- fascist settler movement, has attacked and incited against a Palestinian journalist for criticizing Ed Kcoh, the supremacist Jewish ex- mayor of New York.
Koch, a notorious Israel-firster and supporter of Jewish territorial aggrandizement, recently urged President Obama to give Israel a free rein to steal more Arab land in the West Bank and build more Jewish-only settlements in occupied Arab-East Jerusalem.

The journalist, Khalid Amayreh, described Koch in a recent article as “an irredeemable liar who lies as often as he breathes Oxygen and who tries to brainwash people’s minds about the reality of Israeli Nazism as embodied by the Satanic creature known as Israel.”

The religious-Zionist website pointed out that Amayreh’s view amounted to an incitement against Israel’s efforts to annihilate the national existence of the Palestinian people by way of expanding Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian territories.

The “Arutz Shiva” website is run by fanatical Jewish settlers affiliated with Religious Zionism which teaches that non-Jews living in Israel-Palestine must either be expelled, enslaved as “water carriers and wood hewers” or physically exterminated.

The group, which has infiltrated the Israeli occupation army and is believed to have been responsible for the cold-blooded murder of numerous Palestinian civilians, also advocates the demolition of Islamic and Christian holy places in al-Quds al Sharif.

The mostly messianic settlers are racist to the hilt. Their ultimate mentor is the mystical figure known as Abraham Kook who taught that the difference between Jewish genes and Gentile genes is very much like the difference between human genes and animal genes. Hence, many religious Zionists adopt a murderous and Nazi-like ideology which views all non-Jews as non-humans and calls for murdering them since their lives have no sanctity.

A few years ago, a Jewish settler who had just immigrated from France murdered an Arab cabbie in cold blood after the taxi driver gave the settler a ride. When the settler was interrogated by the police, he told them that “I didn’t kill a human being, I killed a beast.”
Khalid Amayreh reacted to the settler incitement against him, saying that he was “not surprised by the way these racist thugs react to criticisms of Zio-Nazism.”

“I believe these settlers represent the Nazis of our time. Just compare their mentality and worldview with the ideology of the Third Reich and you will see the striking similarity. These people, given the brutal ugliness of their mentality, are a danger not only to Palestinians, but to Jews as well.

“Remember, the Holocaust didn’t start with Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen, but with ostensibly innocuous behaviors such as the settler behaviors we see today.”