24 April 2010


Another Israeli has been caught trying to enter Egypt illegally. This is the third time now that Egypt has caught them trying to infiltrate into Egypt. A few things jump out. Firstly, let's all think about what happens when a Palestinian looking for work to save his starving family because of Israel's illegal siege gets caught trying to enter Israel. Expect bullets to fly and Palestinians to die, or be jailed for life. Secondly, the recent hasbara attempt to garner sympathy for poor little Israel looks even more ridiculous as the Egyptians seem to have a handle on their borders. Today's report:
link The Egyptian authorities thwarted an Israeli, 46, when he infiltrated thru the mark No. 13 South of Kerem Abu Salem crossing.

According to sources, the Egyptian authorities have arrested an Israeli who entered Egyptian territory in an area where there are no wired border between Israel and Egypt after the flood that hit the Sinai recently and broke away that wired border.

This incident marks the third time of Israelis trying to enter Egypt in illegal ways; the first time two young were arrested for their attempt to infiltrate to central Sinai, the second time an Israeli journalist was arrested for trying to enter Egypt illegally