09 April 2010


Mr Blau claimed he was being targeted by the Israeli authorities for doing his job as an investigative journalist.

The "only" democracy, I mean theocracy in the Middle East
"When I left Israel I had no reason to believe our planned trip would suddenly turn into a spy movie whose end is not clear," he wrote. "I certainly didn't think I'd have to stay in London and wouldn't be able to return to Tel Aviv as a journalist and a free man, only because I published reports that were inconvenient to the establishment."

Mr Blau said he decided to stay abroad after hearing that his Tel Aviv apartment had been broken into, and being informed that his telephone and e mails were being monitored. "Experiences I had read about in suspense novels have become my reality in recent months," he said. "When you're warned "they know much more than you think," and are told that your telephone line, e-mail and computer have been monitored for a long time and still are, then someone up there doesn't really understand what democracy is all about, and the importance of freedom of the press in preserving it." read it all here