09 April 2010


A Hamas movement's spokesman said on Friday that the secret documents revealed by the Israeli media on the Israeli war on Gaza are enough to be a proof to sue the Israeli leaders at international courts.

An investigative report published in the Israeli Ha'aretz Daily Thursday revealed documents showing that the Israeli army leaders gave instructions to soldiers to kill Palestinians "in cold blood" instead of arresting them.

The Israeli journalist Auri Blaw said in his report that the Israeli army has apparently violated the instructions of the Israeli high court of justice, adding he has documents showing that soldiers executed Palestinians without trial.

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in Gaza said in a press statement sent to reporters that revealing the documents in the Israeli media "has to reinforce real efforts to take the leaders of the occupation to international courts to sue them for committing war crimes against humanity.

"Ignoring these documents and these facts that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza would encourage the Israeli occupation to keep committing more crimes against the Palestinian people," said Abu Zuhri.

In December 2008, the Israeli army carried out a 22-day large- scale military offensive on the Gaza Strip, saying that the war aimed at cracking down on militants to stop launching homemade rockets from Gaza at Israel.

According to Gaza-based rights groups, around 1,440 Palestinians were killed and 5,000 wounded, around 70 percent of them were civilians, including women and children. About 11 Israelis, 2 civilians and nine soldiers were killed.

But a United Nations' fact-finding report prepared by the South African Judge Richard Goldstone last summer found out that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes against civilians source