15 April 2010


Anyone with any doubts of the evilness of Israel, let them vanish now. This poor Jewish man, who simply did his job, the SAME job he did in South Africa, which he was praised for, is now banned from attending his own son's bar mitzvah. Thanks to the lobbying of the "Zionist federation" of Nazi asshats:
link Justice Richard Goldstone, whose UN report on Operation Cast Lead accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza, has been prohibited from attending his grandson's bar-mitzvah by the South African Zionist Federation

It said recent negotiations between the federation, the Sandton synagogue at which the ceremony will take place, and the bar-mitzvah boy's family concluded that the judge will be banned from attending the event.

A synagogue official who refused to be named confirmed in an interview with Ynet that the bar-mitzvah would take place there and that Goldstone would not be in attendance.