04 April 2010

Hey France....You Can't "Out Bigot" Israel...............

Yo France, wassup bro..... Remember that burqa law you want to pass, you know the one where you will outlaw muslim women from wearing the veil?
link President Nicolas Sarkozy has declared on several occasions that full-face veils, known as burqas or niqabs, have no place in French society but has not made clear what practical steps the government might take.

Fillon in January asked the Council of State, which advises on the preparation of new laws and orders, to look into the issue and give an opinion on the most effective judicial steps to outlaw the veils.
Yeah, that one. Well, Israel has decided to let you know how much they appreciate your recent moves to “out bigot” Israel. Here’s your big “thank You”
link A diabetic Palestinian died on Saturday after being prevented from crossing the Al-Hamra military checkpoint into the Jordan Valley on Saturday.

Mohammad Damen Abed Al-Karim E'lieyat, 62, from the village of Dir Abu Da'eef in Jenin was en route to the Jordan Valley but was barred from transit. Ma'an's correspondent said E'lieyat made several attempts to cross but was turned back by Israeli authorities who said that he was unable to pass because he held French citizenship
Silly France, trying to out bigot Israel...............